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Name - Patricia Nolde

Session Title - Matching Bloom's Taxonomy to Today's Technology

Session number - W2 (Thursday 9:00am)

Title of your presentation (as it is saved) - Matching Today's Technology to Bloom's Taxonomy

Comments (optional) Handout online - Matching Today's Technology to Bloom's Taxonomy

Name - Alisha Dawn Samples

Session Title - The 3 P's of a Successful Program
Session number - 084

Title of your presentation (as it is saved) - Alisha Dawn Samples - The 3 P's

Comments (optional) Handout online - District web page: Lexington School District One World Languages

Catherine Fortin

Targetlanguageapolooza: Immersion Techniques & Technology for All Levels

Link to Access the Workshop Website Page with the Handouts and the Slide Show:

Vanessa Spallone

SHARING and PRACTICING in the target language: Using Technology to improve fluency in the World Language classroom

Session 52

Link to access presentation:

Michelle Olah


Pre-conference Session W-4

All documents and presentation at Dropbox:

Kelly Scheetz

The 5th C - Ideas for Reaching the "Communities" Standard

Session number -51, Saturday, 5:00

5th C - Communites.pdf (Handout)

The 5th C.pdf (PowerPoint)


  • Timothy Alford, Kimberly Burrell, Claire Mitchell

  • Identifying transfer errors in the Spanish classroom

  • 073

  • PPT_Identifying Transfer Errrors_AlfordBurrellMitchell / handout: Identifying Transfer Errors_AlfordBurrellMitchel

  • Cindy Tracy - World of Reading, Ltd.

  • Innovative Spanish Elementary and Middle School Curriculum

  • 045

  • Uploaded 4 files to

  • Vale Handout, Vale! Spanish Elementary Curriculum (Presentation), A Bordo Handout, A Bordo Presentation


  • Name - Robert D. Peckham

  • Session Title - Leadership/Advocacy

  • Session number - 065

  • Title of your presentation (as it is saved) -

    Place in the Core/Face in the Crowd: Advocacy of Integration

  • Comments (optional) Handout online -


  • Paul Sandrock
  • Title: Assessment to Inform Instruction
  • Session Number 044
  • Assessment to Inform Instruction - SCOLT 2014.pdf
  • Assessment to Inform Instruction - Handout.pdf

Elizabeth Allen, Laura Beasley, Theresa Bertrand

Tudo Bem! Brazilian language and culture in the Spanish Classroom
Session number 78
Tudo Bem! SCOLT Allen...
Handout online - Tudo Bem! SCOLT Handout Allen et al
Tudo Bem! Exploring Website

Name: Linda Zins-Adams
Title: Technologenie: Be a Technological Genius in a #SNAP!
Session Number: 113!technologenie/c1n5q

Name - Kristy Britt, Stacey Powell, Sharon Scinicariello
Session Title - There's an App for That!
Session number - W5
Link to Virtual Handouts -
Comments (optional) Handout online - This link leads to a site with links to the workshop slides, a growing list of useful apps, and a form to contribute to the list.

Name - Caroline Switzer Kelly
Session Title - Proficiency Assessment and the Latin Classroom
Session Number - 89
Link to Presenter's Wiki with PPT, handouts, links, etc:-